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Cosmetic Dentistry in New Market, VA

Welcome to the practice of Jeffrey S. Burns DDS

We are proud to provide the wonderful community of New Market, VA and its surrounding communities with true excellence in dentistry.

We believe that our commitment to cutting edge technology together with our personalized, gentle, and understanding care translates to the highest level of dental care possible.

Meet Dr. Burns

Jeffrey S. Burns, DDS

Dr. Burns has a passion for cosmetic dentistry and patient services, and it is evident through his enthusiasm and genuine desire to improve his patients' lives.

He also strives to improve himself by continually staying abreast of the latest techniques and improvements. Dr. Burns has received many awards for his smile / reconstruction dentistry.

Our Services

Dental Treatments

At Jeffrey S. Burns DDS, we are qualified to handle all aspects of your care, so you are always surrounded by people that you trust.

13 Things That Set Us Apart

Spa Services

We are committed to the well-being of each of our patients and offer a full service of spa treatments during dental procedures. For an extra relaxing experience, receive a complimentary hand or foot massage, complete with a freshly laundered spa blanket, from one of our massage therapists.

Staff Trained in Life Support

We believe that annual trainings in life support help our staff retain pertinent knowledge and skills and lead to exemplary use of automated external defibrillators (AEDs). All of our staff are regularly trained and certified in Basic Life Support.

Multi-Specialty Practice

Our board-certified oral surgeon, Dr. James Whitney, who has performed over 40 years of superior oral surgical care, makes same-day consultations and multi-specialty services, including oral surgery, an exceptional part of our care.

Radiologist Services

We implement Beam Readers, a cutting edge group of Radiologists that provide our patients with concise and comprehensive dental diagnostic results in less than 24 hours.

Blood Pressure Screening

Every single patient that walks in our door, whether it’s for a regular cleaning or an oral surgical procedure, is screened for high blood pressure before treatment. An extremely important test, high blood pressure has no symptoms and can only be detected by being measured.

Infection Control

We go above and beyond when it comes to your health and safety and pay meticulous attention to detail, strictly adhering to all required guidelines pertaining to hygiene, cleaning, disinfection, and disposal. Preventing and stopping the spread of infection is a top priority.

Anesthesiologist and Nurse Anesthetist

We are the only general dental office in the area with both a professional team of anesthesiologists, Anesthesia Connections Dental, LLC, and a group of Certified Nurse Anesthetists that provide anesthesia services and care for every dental treatment that we provide.

Orthodontic Aligner Lab

Thanks to our in-house orthodontic lab which is equipped with advanced 3-D printing technology, we make our high quality, reliable dental appliances. This not only keeps the cost down but allows us to maintain control over quality, ensuring accuracy and predictability.

High-End Dental Labs

We connect with the best dental labs around which allows us access to premium products and brands. We truly believe that you get what you pay for, so we cut no corners when partnering with dental labs, insisting on the perfect blend of premium materials as we purchase dental restorations.

3D Imaging

From the creation of highly accurate radiographic scans to the discovery of chronic infections and abscesses in teeth that are not normally seen in conventional X-rays, high-end imaging technologies mean a vast array of new possibilities for dental services and care at our state-of-the-art facility.

Expanded Function Dental Assistants

We are proud to have 2 of the few Expanded Function Dental Assistants in the state of Virginia on staff in our office. With an extra year of Didactic, Clinical and Laboratory training, these skilled professionals perform procedures that help dentists provide more efficient and higher quality care.

Available Financing

We offer a variety of flexible financing options to ensure our patients get the care they need. We know that every patient and budget is different which is why we present all costs up front and help you decipher your insurance benefits. We want you to have the smile you deserve.

Safe and Efficient Dental Implants

In only two appointments, we use 3D cone beam technology to digitally fabricate a surgical guide that allows us to place the implant exactly where we want it, and we take a 3D scan that enables our highly trained staff to fabricate the implant crown, saving patients time and money.

Anesthesia Options

Sleep Dentistry

Jeffrey S Burns DDS can help you get the care you need.

Whatever your individual level of anxiety may be, our office is committed to making sure that your visit is as comfortable, quick and easy as possible. There are many solutions for dental anxiety, and we are ready to help. If you have a fear of dental work, we want you to know that making you feel comfortable and safe at our office is our first priority.

For Making Your Smile Whole

Dental Implants

Dental implants are often the best solution for restoring smiles that are missing teeth. Our highly trained and experienced dentist — Dr. Burns—provides individualized consultations to help you assess your oral health needs. We are licensed to administer and monitor all levels of anesthesia for your complete comfort. When it comes to dental implants, which require accurate planning and surgical skill, Dr. Burns is prepared to deliver optimal results.

For the Beautiful Smile

Cosmetic Dentistry

We understand the power of a great smile and how the smallest changes can increase confidence and personal esteem. Dr. Burns uses advanced treatments and materials to deliver results that that will fit seamlessly with the rest of your smile. Whether you’re considering teeth whitening or porcelain veneers, we continuously invest in the latest equipment and innovative new technologies to ensure superior results.

For Saving Your Time

Teeth In A Day

Our cutting-edge Teeth In A Day provides immediately functional and highly aesthetic implants through a minimally intrusive, one-day procedure. Gentle, thorough, and top notch care is our goal, and it is our pleasure to be able to provide you with immediate implants.


Patient Testimonials

Our Offices

Care and Commitment

From the front office to the exam room, our practice is made up of professionals who take your oral health very seriously. Using state-of-the art equipment designed with safety and efficiency in mind, we are able to offer top-notch care. Your safety and comfort are our priority.

Spa 122

Visit our MedSpa

Some med-spa services are available during dental treatment, thanks to the fact that our MedSpa is right next door.

Meet Our Staff

Professional and Friendly

We stay abreast of current developments in dentistry to ensure you get the expert treatment you deserve. Our caring staff will pamper you to make your visit easy and enjoyable. From the moment you choose us, we want to give you a five-star experience.

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